Monday, July 31, 2006

My Strengths and Weaknesses as an English Teacher 2

Last class was very meaningful for me, for through exchanging opinions, I found one thing which is lacking for me … yes, it's "flexibility!"
So, I think when we make plans for English classes, we shouldn't fit into a mold; we should consider in all its aspects.
Of course, sometimes we might rely on other's opinions. Nevertheless, we need each "characteristics" in classes. Thus, we shouldn't swallow what other said. Though as the proverb goes "Easier said than done", I'll keep in mind these things.

As you know, last time I wrote that I want to study jokes and be a humorous teacher. However, I didn't mean to be a comedian during my teaching practice. What I wanted to say was that I want to make a comfortable atmosphere in my English classes. Some of you might misunderstood what I said. So be careful!
And have a nice summer vacation!

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