Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Teaching Observation at U Junior High School

On July 7, I attended U Junior High School reserch classes and observed English and social-study classes. Needless to say, I really wanted to observe Mr.M's fantastic English lecture!
I was impressed by his lecture.
First, the goal of the class was clear. The goal was "Let's talk about dreams!" Last time Mr.M taught us that setting the goal is important to make up a class. Since the goal was easy to understand, the teacher and students could understand what they should do with ease.
Second, according to his teaching plan, Mr. M mentiond that he made a point of relation with students. In the class, the students did many activities in many different type of unit; such as in pairs and in groups. I think these activities are good for the students not only in a class but also in their daily life.
What I really surprised was that student's attitudes. As you know 2nd grade of Junior High School is difficult time for the students. However they were really positive! I guess they confide Mr.M.
Finally, I recommend that you should observe not only English but also other subjects. If you observe other classes, you may get some hints! Especially, teaching materials.
This September, I will teach English to 1st grade students at Diamond Junior High School. So I'll be busy to prepare for the class in this summer vacation.


JH said...

Pinch Hitter,
Very interesting post. I have two questions for you:
1) I was particularly interested in your comment that we can get a lot of hints about teaching from watching other classes outside are subject of specialty. What kind of hints did you get from watching non-English classes?
2) Can you tell me what you mean by "Mr. M mentiond that he made a point of relation with students."?
What do you mean by

Elle said...

Hi, Pinch Hitter.
I went to U JHS as teaching practice last year, and I felt that your thinking, too. The students confide teachers very much. I think the reason is teachers are good at not only teaching, but also observing students. We teacher trainee tend to make great effort to making and doing plans and can't watch students' actual situation. If you mention it, it's very difficult. I hope your teaching practice will be good one!!

gakusei said...

Hi,Pinch Hitter.
Your post is interesting.
As you write in your post,Mr.M gave many activity to students.For example,pair activities and group activity and so on.It's a device to maintain student's concentration.
I can notice that through reading your post!!