Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My advice for those who will have teaching practice

The other day Mr.M, who teaches english OOO junior high school in Morioka, came and talked to us about teaching English at junior high school.
1 Working as a teacher is sometimes difficult. Writing repoat cards and coping with deliquent students are one of the hardest tasks. On the other hand, it is pleasure for him when he find students to be fine human.
2 He thinks that English lessons are similar to physical educations. The most important thing is that the teacher should get students work as much as possible. In other words, teacher should speak as less as possible.
To be an English teacher, he suggested us that we should experience such as part-time job, atudy abroad, and of course "study English hard".
Next month, there is a demonstration lesson at OOO junior high school. So I'm looking forward to observe Mr.M's English class.


JH said...

Pinch Hitter,
I thought the second point you made was very interesting. It made me reflect on myself as an English teacher and whether I am giving my students enough opportunity to talk.
Changing the subject, could you possibly change the color of the font? It is a little difficult for me to read.

Maruchan said...

Oh, sorry JH!!

Steve Jang said...

Hi. I'm an ALT in Iwate prefecture. I read your post and agree with the advice Mr. M gave to you. While you are still a student, do all the things that will be more difficult once you become a full-fledged teacher. Do all of the young-people things: part-time jobs (hopefully something that uses English!), study abroad (If you like sunny weather, how about Hawaii or Florida?), make lots of English-speaking friends, etc. You wanted to be the best English teacher you can be. And that takes a lot of preparation before you actually become a teacher. So get out there and go for it!

Anonymous said...

I am a graduate student in iwate, my wife will be arriving soon. We are staying at kitakami. She is a former university instructor in the Philippines she would like to teach also enlish in kitakami as part time job, can you please help us.